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Filip and Daniel Guven's love of food goes back a long way. They grew up with the food from the family restaurants. 

We create memorable experiences that will brighten the lives of our guests for generations - we're just getting started.



Filip and Daniel Guven's love of food goes back a long way. They grew up with the food from the family restaurants. From a young age, they were taught the craft from scratch. As teenagers, they were involved in developing the family's restaurants. Filip stood in the kitchen and learned how to handle the ingredients and how to cook really good food. Daniel oversaw the dining room and learned how to make sure guests were happy, from the moment they arrived until they left.

There they found their passion for the restaurant, just like their parents. But Filip and Daniel wanted to move on. In 2010, the brothers took over the classic Stockholm restaurant Prinsen from celebrity chef Peter Nordin. They wanted to preserve the classic heritage, but modernise the dining experience. And the result was a success. About eight months after setting their vision for Prinsen , the brothers were asked by former owner Peter Nordin to partner with Peter, and the foundation was laid for what would become PDF Brasserie Group.

In the new constellation, other classic taverns were next in line. They took over Zink, East, Wienercaféet and Villa Godthem and others. Together they overhauled the experience and improved the food craft, side by side.

They soon realised that it takes a strong team to maintain the high standards they have built up. That's why they recruited some of Stockholm's top food lovers to their team. Peter Nordin chose to leave the group in 2017 to pursue his dream of opening up a hotel and restaurant in Italy.

In 2019, the Group underwent an intensive change process to optimise the entire business and as a result, the company has chosen to simplify its brand and now calls itself Brasseriegruppen. 

In 2020, many new features will be launched in Brasseriegruppen - so stay tuned!
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