This is Pontonen 2023

May is here and we have sun and summer in our eyes - on May 11, we will be opening our summer restaurant Pontonen on Norr Mälarstrand.

The menu is a wonderful mix of small dishes and regular main courses - there is everything from Sicilian olives, sun-warmed melons and creamy prawns with horseradish to roasted farm chicken, grilled flank steak and cheeseburgers. You can finish with strawberries and coconut ice cream or Valhrona chocolate mousse.

If we were to put a common denominator, it is simply "summery" with the barbecue feeling in the center. The inspiration comes from the Nordic countries, the Mediterranean and Asia and the ingredients are of good quality and have been treated with love by our dedicated kitchen team. So what do we drink with? Simply things that we ourselves would appreciate when we sit by Riddarfjärden and catch the summer evening sun! Crisp wines, summery cocktails and ice-cold bottles of beer.

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