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All companies within the Group Brasseriegruppen BG AB ("BG Group") strives to maintain an open business climate, high business ethics and effective regulatory compliance. In our business, we care about safety and respect for all the people affected by our activities. You, and we, play an important role in our success.

In order to maintain a well-functioning and high level of compliance, the BG Group has established a compliance function. The compliance function operates independently of the BG Group and is dedicated to ensuring that the BG Group maintains the highest possible standards of compliance, including by developing and implementing group-wide policies and procedures adapted to relevant regulations.

If you have a concern about something that is not in line with our values and ethical principles, and that could seriously affect our organization or a person's health, please report it to our compliance function by sending an email to the following address: [...]]. You do not need to have proof of your suspicion, but all messages should be made in good faith. All messages are treated confidentially.

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