Chitchat with Sanna Ahlqvist

In our chitchat format, we meet someone we like and talk about food, drink, partying, atmosphere and the great life in the pub. This week we meet Sanna Ahlqvist who is a waitress at Prinsen.

Hi Sanna! Tell me about your life.
I'm from Gotland, moved to Sthlm in the early 80s. I was barely 18 years old and had of course met an idiot of a guy... It ended immediately so I went out and traveled. I backpacked around for a few years in the 80s, including Sri Lanka in 1987. I lived 30 metres from the sea, never had such a tan in my life and had my eye on every surfer guy! I also lived a lot in Sidney and that's where I first came into contact with the BiB (bag in box). It was long before they came to Sweden and was just so perfect at picnics.

How did you get into the restaurant business?
I started as a housekeeper at the Strand Hotel. There I met a happy bunch of guests who invited me to the premiere of Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. It ended with a three-day party and me being invited to New York. But I quickly got bored of that guy, so instead I became best friends with two sisters. With them, I danced my ass off at the Palladium in Manhattan for a few weeks.

You are truly a person full of stories, like a treasure to be scooped out! What have you taken away from all your travels?
Apart from the fact that it's great to experience other cultures and people, I think: Be as crazy as you want, it's all the same! Haha!

Will you ever move back to Gotland?
Absolutely not, you know that's not possible. You can't move back to the island, then everyone says "What did we say, she couldn't cope with life on the mainland!" But I go there for 2 weeks every summer. I rent a small farmhouse outside Visby and then I visit all my favourite places.

How do you feel about Stockholm Week?
What the hell is Stockholm Week?

Wednesday is International Women's Day and it also coincides with your birthday!
I believe International Women's Day was invented when I was born.

Tell me about a restaurant memory.
Haha, oh where to start.. But once when I worked at Sturehof the restaurant manager called and said: "There's going to be a stag party here tonight and I want you to throw a fish stew in the groom's lap". So I pretended to stumble and threw the whole pot in his lap.... Then I took him to the laundry room and there were his friends. I got 500 kr for my trouble.

What would you like to say to 20-year-old Sanna?
"Hookers raise you!" I've grown up in the restaurant business. When you see 20-year-olds, they just don't get it... Being brought up by a maître d' or a real boozer is a good school for life.

So you're turning 60 on Wednesday! How does it feel?
Strange! I don't feel 60 - the shell is old but the mind is young! But it's nice to be older, I can be who I am, I don't have to be politically correct, I just say what I think and people are usually okay with it.

How will you celebrate?
I will have brunch at Trattorian with family and friends, then there will be a drinks table at Orangeriet.

Do you have any nicknames?
I should have been called Susanne, but the priest wrote it wrong, an -a at the end, so it became Susanna. My parents had to change it inside. They call me Sanna or Tutta.

You've been at Prinsen for 11 years. Why does everyone work here for so long?
There's something special about Prinsen, there's something in the walls. But I'm certainly not one of the longest-serving, Fotte has been here for 40 years!

How would you describe the appeal of Prinsen?
I love that there is such a mix of guests of all age groups. From 18 year olds who have heard of our meatballs - to people who are going to die at any moment!

What is a favourite guest like?
No, but I don't think I have a favourite guest. As long as they're nice, I'm happy! I've looked after the whole Royal Family, sometimes Carl-Filip was here so often that I asked if he was stalking me. Hahaha. Then we have a regular who owns a lot of businesses and always comes in his royce rolls. I was invited to sit in the back seat there once and drink bubbly from the built-in fridge.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
Then it will be LUS (lunch without end)! I like to meet my friends at some dingy restaurant already at lunchtime, so we go for it, but you get home in good time and feel good the next day.

We've been partying with you. You're holding the flag high, so to speak. Tell me about a really good moment?
Haha, put on some good music and I'll dance until they carry me off the dance floor! Especially in Rhodes! What parties I've experienced there!

You're going to work 4 more years, you said. What will you do after that?
I might work extra days a week. But this thing about the politicians wanting me to work until I'm 67! I wonder how they think? Am I supposed to walk around with a walker here at Prinsen, because my body can't take it?

Do you have a family?
No way!! Have no husband, children or micro.... And I'm perfectly happy with that!

If you invite us to your place, what do we eat?
We start with Toast Skagen, then it's Biff Rydberg and then we finish with my raspberry and blueberry pie. But I can't make the custard myself, it'll have to be Kelda's sauce.

What do you do in your spare time?
I watch cartoons, hang out with friends and with my brother and his dog. And then I read the gossip magazine and have a beer at some seedy place on the South Side.

If you were an instrument, what would you be?
What a strange question! But in that case a beatbox.

Starter or dessert?

Wine or champagne?

The country or the city?

Friday or Saturday?

Pool or sea?

Paris or Berlin?

Pre-party or after-party?

Daniel or Filip?
Filip! Always had a special relationship with him.

Thank you Sanna, we love that you are part of Brasseriegruppen!

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