Chitchat with Martin Amato

In our chitchat format, we meet someone we like and talk about food, drink, partying, atmosphere and the great life in the pub. This week we meet Martin Amato, Operations Manager at Pas d’Art.

Hi Martin! Tell me about your journey from Miami to Stockholm.
I grew up in Miami, born to a Norwegian mother and American father. I worked at Nikki Beach in Miami where Stordalen was a guest. He thought I should come to Norway and eventually I did. I worked in a variety of restaurants and hotels in Oslo and then met my girlfriend who is Swedish. We had plans to move back home to Miami, but it turned out she was pregnant - with twins. So we decided to move to Stockholm. I did some consulting at At Six before I came here 1.5 years ago to Pas d’Art.

How do you want a guest leaving Pas d’Art to feel?
The guest should feel satisfied with EVERYTHING. From the way they are received at the entrance, to the experience of food, drink and the appearance of the toilets. And of course a really nice vibe!

What can we expect from the summer at Pas d’Art?
Summer here will feel alive! Full pressure! Lots of good drinks, great food and a really happy atmosphere!

Who is your dream guest? (Dead or alive)

We always see you here at Pas d’Art. Are you ever free? If so, what do you do and what do you eat and drink?
I'm always free on Sundays + one evening a week. I hang out with my family, play poker and do Thai boxing. Then, of course, I like to go to restaurants - preferably starred ones. I like to eat meat and drink good wine with it.

Amato, where does that last name come from?
My father is of Italian descent. He was born in NYC to Italian parents from Sicily.

You have established the "little ones at Pas d’Art". What is it?
Haha, it's mini margaritas, extra strong. With 50% lime and 50% lemon.

Will there be DJs again soon now that you're open until 10.30pm?
Yes! From this Friday we'll have it every Friday - and maybe some Saturdays!

You have perhaps Stockholm's most beautiful outdoor terrace. Is there a top 1 table according to you?
Table 307. The big round one at the entrance!

What do we eat and drink at the outdoor café?
Really good champagne and lots of small dishes.

How much fun do you have at work?
I'm having a blast!! Time goes by incredibly fast!

We've heard rumours that you're a great poker player. Tell us?
I'm pretty good at poker... From 1 to 10, I'm on 8!

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