CHITCHAT with Helena Ungh

In our chitchat format, we meet someone we like and talk about food, drink, partying, atmosphere and the great life in the pub. This week we meet Helena Ungh and welcome her to the family! She has just become restaurant manager at Pas d’Art.

Hello Helena and welcome to the Brasseriegruppen family! You're most recently from Bardot. Tell us about yourself.
Thank you! I'm originally from Gothenburg and have worked in the restaurant industry all my life. Have tried to break away several times - but it doesn't work! I love meeting people and never feel as comfortable as in the dining room of a restaurant.

Tell us about your journey, from pizza maker in Sälen to everyone's dream host in the bars around Stureplan!
Haha! I'm a trained chef and in my youth I seasoned at Bügelhof in Sälen, it was a fondue restaurant and a hotel with a pizza restaurant. I made pizzas there and one time they needed reinforcements in the service, so I had to step in. Pretty soon it turned out that I was better on the floor than at making pizzas - so since that day the dining room is my place. I've also done a lot of seasonal work in Båstad, where I got a great network. Then I had two children and started working in a bakery in Danderyd, but I longed to go into town so I called up Anders Timell and asked him if he had any work and that's when I ended up at Riche!

We all know you from Riche, always happy and bubbly! Tell us.
It was fantastic! Anders Timell has taught me everything I need to know about creating a good atmosphere in a dining room. How to place people so that they feel comfortable and there is a good vibe and how to keep the pub alive.

Yes, you are really great at creating a nice feeling in the dining room!
The restaurant is my living room - but it's also yours, as my guest. People need a host when they go out to the pub. It's expensive to go to a restaurant in Sweden and if you choose to do so, you want to know what you're getting. Guests like to have someone who recognises them and knows what they like. For me, it's more important to be a responsive and pleasant person - than to know EVERYTHING about wine, for example.

How will we know the Helena touch on Pas d’Art?
When I first came here, I fell in love with the dining room! I like that the outside area by the bar is bright, but there is a sexy darkness in the interior dining room. Now in the first location, I'm going to put all my energy into creating a nice vibe - it's going to be more lively and I want to focus a lot on music. Music is so incredibly important!

Finally, you have a funny anecdote about Library Street 6 and how the circle is now closed.
My ex-husband's great-grandmother actually helped start the Wienerkonditoriet when it opened over 100 years ago. The family was incredibly happy that one of their family members is now back at Biblioteksgatan 6, in the same premises where the Wienerkonditoriet used to be! Feels great to now be part of Pas d’Art!

Helena's ex-husband's great-grandmother Alma Maria Andersson, in 1904. Outside the Wienerkonditoriet, now Pas d’Art.

Thank you Helena - we love that you are part of Brasseriegruppen!

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