Chitchat with Gabriella Vitiello

In our chitchat format, we meet someone we like and talk about food, drink, partying, atmosphere and the great life in the pub. This week we meet Gabriella Vitiello who is the Dining Manager at Villa Godthem.

Hi Gabriella! Who are you?
I was born in Sweden, but my parents both come from Southern Italy. I am a social extrovert who loves working with people - I get so much energy back!

What did you do before you came to the Villa?
I've been in and out of the restaurant business a million times. I've tried everything: secretary, different office jobs and a lot of other things, but I always come back here! I've worked at Divino, Trattoria Montanari, Wienercaféet, Villa Pauli and many other places.

Why do you love the restaurant life so much?
I love food and wine! I do a lot of cooking at home, always Italian slow cookers. My mother taught me to cook from my grandmother's recipes from the time I was very young. Being able to combine my interest in food and wine with the social aspect in a restaurant is the best thing ever!

How are you enjoying working out here on Djurgården?
Great - it's so beautiful and luxurious to work here! And I see so many opportunities for development here at Villa Godthem. We're already looking forward to the summer when we want to take the Garden and make it even more attractive with AW and live music!

Afternoon tea has really become a success.
Yes, it's a perfect way to eat in the afternoon. We have an incredibly mixed clientele with pensioners, mothers of young children, couples and many others who come here to enjoy tea, champagne and lovely accompaniments. In particular, we have a regular group of four elderly ladies who come almost once a month!

You do a lot of events here at the Villa. Tell us!
We do everything from small, intimate weddings to baby showers and graduation parties. Press screenings are also a perfect fit and as of this moment we are planning an event with Moët where they will be launching their mulled wine bubble!

Soon Christmas is just around the corner! You open this year's Christmas table in just over a month.
We're really in the Christmas spirit here! As always, we're serving a classic Swedish Christmas table that has received rave reviews over the years. But this year we're upgrading the whole experience. The veranda has glass walls and heating so now you can sit there all year round which is great for larger parties. The dining room will be the dining room and the buffets themselves will be in a heated, beautifully decorated tent.

Briefly describe this year's Christmas dinner experience.
You are greeted by wood baskets and feel the tingle as soon as you arrive in the taxi, only to be served a classic Christmas dinner in a cosy and homely, yet exclusive atmosphere. You will experience magic, pure and simple!

Are we doing a Christmas table take-away again this year?
Absolutely! It's been a hit in the past! Just know that you don't have eight arms and all the time in the world in December, so help us out with the Christmas food. You don't have to have any cooking skills, but will be able to serve an incredible Christmas dinner at home!

Thank you Gabriella! We love that you are part of Brasseriegruppen!

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